Films of MinamiAlps Mountainbike Association

It is a related video page of Minami Alps Mountain Bike Lovers Association.

Soil Searching Mountain Guardian

Fannie Cook and Matt Hunter found out from the activities of the Southern Alps that the mountain biker in Japan is a “Yamamorito”, and the world's first shock movie released to the whole world.

This is one of Japan's most advanced mountain bikes.

Soil Searching A Dirt Revolution

Trail builders are the unsung heroes of mountain biking. Spotlight the powerful under the edge! SOIL SEARCHING is a movement to create, appreciate and support trail builders who create mountain biking fields and give riders the joy of running there .

Soil Searching Whistler

Fanny Cook visited Whistler and North Shore, the cutting edge of the world's mountain bikes, and interviewed the world-class trail builder, "Costal Crew". The world's most admired trail builder asserts, "I can't run without trails."

Trail Hunter Japan