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History of activities


I would like to introduce some of the activities of the Minami Alps Mountain Bike Lovers Club .


August Meet with Iijima, the secretary-general of the current NPO “Minami Alps Mountain Village Healing Village Creation Meeting”

October Participated in helping to maintain old roads for the Takami Homi Shrine night festival

November Helping the old road lantern procession tour at the Takao Homi Shrine night festival and preparing the old road in advance

Dec.Established a base in Takao, a marginal village, and named it “Takao House”


In February, immediately after a heavy snowfall, equipment will be provided to help the members shovel their snow.


April: Obtained permission to run and maintain mountain bikes in the forest in Hiraoka Ward

October Matt Hunter, Stalin Lawrence, Matty Miles and others stay for 5 days (photographing permission obtained)

November Helping Takami Homi Shrine night festival, members perform shrine maiden dance


January Joined Takao Takakei Society
June UNESCO Eco Park 1st anniversary event held


November Southern Alps Autumn Leaves Festival Event Held

November 2nd year of helping Takao Homi Shrine night festival, members perform shrine maiden


December Vice-president Tatsuya Sato moves to Takao Village


January "Minami Alps Mountain Bike Lovers Association" officially launched
April Membership trail opening, start accepting members


May Beginner tour started (sponsored by NPO Minami Alps Mountain Healing Village Creation Association)
July Broadcast on NHK "Good morning Japan" "Marugoto Yamanashi"

September Published in Nihon Keizai Shimbun

October Agricultural experience space “Vegetable Park” completed

November Hoomi Takami Shrine Night Festival 3rd year, members perform shrine maiden dance

Vice President of Sato November show off the dance of the intangible cultural heritage of the city at Kaguraden


December Introduced by Yamanashi Prefectural Assembly as an activity for regional revitalization by mountain biking


January 2nd Minami Alps Mountain Bike Lovers Meeting

February Agricultural experience space “Second Vegetable Park” completed

February Broadcast on YBS TV "Tette! TV"

March Presentation at the symposium sponsored by National Forest Research Institute


Mar Clear idle land and plant grapes for red wine

April Helping weir in Hiraoka Ward

April Activity introduction in the local community "Mame-chan"

Participated in May Spring Festival

May A mountain bike experience session and BBQ are held for the “Kaizankai” gathering of young lawmakers in Yamanashi prefecture.

June Participated in river beautification activities

Signed the agreement for the use of forests in August


September Broadcast on YBS TV "Wide News"

September Important discussions with locals

In September, the activity contents were published in the magazine "Mountain forest" of the Dainippon Forest Association.

October Meeting at the Tourism and Commerce Division of City Hall

October idle farm contract

November 4th year of helping Takaomi Homi Shrine night festival, members perform shrine maiden dance

Nov. Deputy representative Sato shows the dance of the city's intangible cultural assets at the Kaguraden

​December Ward Forest Cleaning

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January 3rd Minami Alps Mountain Bike Lovers Meeting

January Meeting with Yamanashi Governor

January Activities were published on the front page of Yamanashi Prefecture of Sankei Shimbun

February The activity contents were published in the nationwide edition of the Yomiuri Shimbun.


March Participated in the local community “Mame Hiraoka”

March Clearing of idle farmland

April Participated in the "Shingen Festival" parade

April Helping weir in Hiraoka Ward


April Ward updated the agreement for using forests


May Appeared live on "Tette TV" on YBS Yamanashi Broadcasting

May “Mountain Bike Experience Meeting” held


May Property ward chairman, prefectural assembly, city assembly, prefectural officials, and city officials visited the new area


June Second visit to prefecture and city on a new route with an altitude difference of 1,000 m

July Riding class by member Yuta Matsumoto (mountain bike cross-country athlete)

August Forestry company volunteers withered the detour area and removed trapped trees

August Discussing the use of prefectural forests between the prefecture and the city at the city hall

Participated in helping clean up after the summer festival (Bonodori) in Hiraoka area in August


September Attend staff in Minami Alps City, Yamanashi Prefecture in a new mountain area

September “Forest Sports New Era: New Possibilities for Forest Utilization and Mountain Village Promotion” sponsored by Forestry Economic Research Institute

Speaker at the University of Tokyo at the symposium


October Trail cutter tour held with our members

October Investigation of typhoon damage on all climbing routes of Mt.Kushigata and submission to Minami Alps City


October Dangerous trees on the old road used for a lantern procession tour by a forestry company are removed

November Helping Takao Homi Shrine Night Festival

Deputy representative Sato performed a dance of the intangible cultural assets of the city at the Kagura hall , and the members were Maiden Mai


November Dangerous tree removal work on mountain trails of Mt.Kushigata

December Visit to Yamanashi Prefecture Leader and Trail

December Year-end party dig is held

December Japan trail running pioneer Hiroki Ishikawa participates in our activities

December Participated in the local community "Mame-chan"


January 4th Minami Alps Mountain Bike Lovers Meeting


February Symposium executive committee (main meeting) was held at Yamanashi Prefectural Forest Research Institute

Held "Mountain Bike Symposium 2019".

Keynote speech by Professor Hirano, Senior Researcher, National Forest Research Institute, panel discussion by Professor Tsuchiya, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology.


March: Start of Hiraoka Pump Truck

Mar. Attended as keynote speaker at "Collaboration Forum" in Minami Alps City.


March​ At the 3rd Yamanashi Prefectural Bicycle Utilization Promotion Plan Development Committee, announced the regional contribution by the mountain biking activities of this society and suggestions for promotion plan


April Started the creation of Hiraoka Pump (Hiraoka Ward Pump Truck)


May “Bicycle class” held at Kushigata Nishi Elementary School in the Southern Alps


Participate in the June local community, "Hiraoka beans chan"

June Courtesy call to the Mayor of the Southern Alps and the Council of the Southern Alps


"Mountain Bike Symposium Yamanashi" was published in "MTB weather vol.38" in July

Participate in the help of the clean-up of August Hiraoka district of the summer festival (Bon dance)


September Specialists and Minor Alps Mayor Courtesy Visit


NovemberConcluded an agreement for mountain patrol by mountain bikers in the property zone (prefectural forest) and maintenance of the patrol road


Helping the night festival of Homi Takao Shrine in November

Deputy representative Sato shows the dance of the city's intangible cultural assets at the Kagura hall


November Asia's first “Soil Searching” co-sponsored by Minami Alps City, Specialized Company, and the Society


November A mountain bike film screening will be held on the first night of "Soil Searching", where Matt Hunter and Fanny Cook will enjoy interacting with the locals.

November "Trail Builders Summit" will be held on the last day of Soil Searching


In November, we posted "Soil Searching" in "Yamanashi Nichinichi Shimbun".

December ​“Mountain biker forest patrol activity” was published in “Yamanashi Nichinichi Shimbun”

December ​“Yomiuri Shimbun Yamanashi Prefecture Edition” published “Agreement with patrol road maintenance Minami Alps and property zone”

December ​Sony Searching was published in the Bicycle Club February issue.

December​ ​ Cycle Sports February issue has been published about “Soil Searching”