History of activities 2020-


I would like to introduce some of the activities of the Minami Alps Mountain Bike Lovers Club .


January Performed live on "Kix" on YBS Radio


January 5th Minami Alps Mountain Bike Lovers Meeting


In February, the Society entrusted the "Governor Yamanashi Award for Hospitality" to the award.


February We had a booth at "Forest Network"


February Participated in the local community “Mame Hiraoka”

 February Representative Kouma takes the stage at the cycling forum sponsored by the Hokkaido Government Kamikawa General Promotion Bureau


In March, the representative, Takuma, finally moved to Hiraoka, the hometown of the Southern Alps.

April Society activities were selected as a target project of "Outdoor Environmental Conservation Fund", which is established and operated by "Conservation Alliance Japan"

April Helping weir (waterway cleaning event) in Hiraoka Ward

April 2019 Japan's first "Soil Searching" movie " Mountain Guardian " announced

April Published in "Asahi Shimbun" national edition

It was published in the community-based information magazine "Tadaima" in April.

May Hiraoka Ward officers, forestry associations and ward forest patrol

June Renewal of agreement for utilization of forest ownership with Hiraoka Ward

June A case study of the Society was published in the “Forest and Forestry White Paper” that the Forestry Agency prepares every year (P25)


June Established "Minami Alps Yamamorito" as a corporate body of the Society


June As a new employee training for group members "Japan Photo Judgment Co., Ltd.", we will have a ride experience and exchange opinions with the dig

July Mountain bike class held at Yamanashi Prefectural Forest Park, Kanakawa no Mori

July: Requested from the Southern Alps City to remove fallen trees and investigate fallen trees on the trails of Mt.

In July, the representative, Mr. Kouma, gave a lecture at the morning seminar of the Minami-Alps City Ethics Corporation Association.

August Trail cutter tour held with our members

August National Land Afforestation Promotion Organization   The efforts of the Society were introduced in the " Forest x Corporate SDGs Handbook " published .


September Participated in "Southern Alps Mountain Morito Racing" Hakuba Iwatake Enduro National Series

Asato Arii, a member of our association, is second in B class and first in age group (teens).

October Participated in "Southern Alps Mountain Morito Racing" Fujimi Panorama Enduro National Series

October: The Chief of the Southern Alps Police Department commissioned a crime prevention organization.


November Mountain bike experience event held at Minamiinaga Lake Autumn Leaves Festival in Minami Alps

November General Incorporated Association Minami Alps Yamamorito official website released

November Yamanashi Nichinichi Shimbun (paper & electronic version) posted a commissioning ceremony for mountain forest crime prevention by mountain bike.

November Participated in the Enduro National Series of the "Southern Alps Mountain Morito Racing" Fujimi Kogen Tournament

Asato Arii, a member of our association, won the B class on the first day (teens) 2nd place on the 2nd day B class 2nd place by age group (teens) 2nd place

In November, I attended a symposium hosted by the Minami-Alps Youth Conference Center.

November Helping the night festival of Mt. Takao Homi Shrine on Mt. Kushigata (8th year)


In December, we met with members of the House of Representatives, Gen Nakatani, Yasushi Kaneko, Gotoda, and Kotaro Nagasaki, the governor of Yamanashi Prefecture, for their understanding and support of the activities of the Society.


December Announced the activities of the association at the "Kofu Central Ethics Corporation Association"


January (one company) I contributed to the January issue of the journal " Forest Technology " of the Japan Forest Technology Association .


  February As a recipient of the "2nd Entrepreneurship / Founding Subsidy Project" from the Yamanashi Central Bank Regional Revitalization Fund

It was adopted. https://www.yamanashi-chihousousei.or.jp/info/916/


 February Yamanashi Prefectural Assembly February At the regular meeting, the prefectural governor and the chief of forestry responded that they would promote mountain biking.

February Yasuma, the representative, is at the cycling forum sponsored by the Kamikawa General Promotion Bureau in Hokkaido

 February 6th Southern Alps Mountain Bike Lovers Association General Assembly (Online General Assembly this year)

 March Received a "Certificate of Appreciation" from the Chief of the Minami-Alps Police Department


 April Renewal of "Patrol Activity" Agreement for Tree Planting in Onshi Prefectural Forest Property Conservation Property Zone

 April Construction of "Southern Alps Hiraoka MTB Park" begins

 April Assistance for weiring (waterway cleaning event) in Hiraoka Ward

 May Joined the Southern Alps Forest Crime Prevention Council

 May Soil Searching Dig & Ride day was held


  June In the "Second Bicycle Utilization Promotion Plan" of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

Finally, you can promote mountain biking.


 June Yamanashi Nichinichi Shimbun published Soil Searching Dig Day & Ride Day 2021

 In June, the representative of the association was introduced in an interview with a migrant resident of the Minami-Alps City Hall.

 Introduced at NHK "Kaidoki" in June

 Introduced in the Kanto Koshinetsu edition of NHK "Good Morning Japan" in July

 July Our business was adopted by the Japan Tourism Agency as a "regional attraction rediscovery project for attracting new inbound tourists such as adventure tourism".

 July Mountain bike class was held at "Kanakawa no Mori" in Yamanashi Forest Park


Introduced in the famous bicycle WEB medium "Cyclowired" in July

"Until the Minami-Alps MTB enthusiasts become part of the national policy (Part 1) The trail you enjoy most is probably the one you made with your family" Soil Searching Digday 2021 "

Introduced in the famous bicycle WEB medium "Cyclowired" in July

"Until the Southern Alps Mountain Bike Lovers Association becomes part of the national policy [Part 2]

Mr. Kouma has accumulated achievements in this way, and MTB trail making has been adopted as a national policy called a bicycle utilization promotion plan. "

August Completed Japan's first "Mountain Bikers White Paper"

Have representative弭間the responsibility that was determined by the Trail Builders Summit which was held in the "Soil Searching" of 2019

Completed with the cooperation of mountain bike activists nationwide, Professor Hirano of Forest Research Institute and Tatsumi Publishing.

In August, we cooperated with the fireworks launch and take-out project sponsored by Hiraoka Yume no Kai.

In August, we will collaborate with Hiraoka Ward and Hiraoka Yume no Kai to build a system for accepting immigrants.

August Governor of Yamanashi Prefecture and Mayor of the Southern Alps say that there are great benefits to the local community

A formal agreement was reached on mountain bike promotion, which was reported on NHK.




10月 南アルプス警察署と合同で、E-MTB(電動アシスト付マウンテンバイク)を活用した地域パトロールと小学生の登校時の見守り、挨拶運動を実施しました。


10月 5年前に開墾した耕作放棄地で育てたワイン用のぶどうの初めての収獲を行い、地元のワイナリー「ドメーヌ・ヒデ」様にて醸造の仕込みを行いました。


10月 さらに会員2名が移住しました。


11月 立沼マウンテンバイクパークオープニングイベント開催。総勢200名以上の参加者により大成功を収める。日本初の一般無料開放、無人管理システム、任意課金制マウンテンバイクパークがついに完成。


11月 櫛形山の高尾山穂見神社夜祭りのお手伝い(9年目)


11月 自転車ユーチューバーの「けんたさん」に当会のフィールドを体験していただきました。

12月 WAFAアドバンスレベル野外災害救急法講習を当会が誘致し「エコパ伊奈ヶ湖」にて愛好会メンバー18名が受講しました。



1月 当会のYOUTUBEチャンネルを作成しました。


2月 南アルプス警察署長より、今年も感謝状を頂きました。


5月 第5回「自転車活用推進功績者表彰(国土交通大臣表彰)」を受賞しました。

​* We are constantly developing old roads and conducting local activities.