Hiraoka PumpTrack Party
at Minami-Alps City


The "Hiraoka Pump Truck" announcement party was a great success! !! !! !!

Anyway, the children enjoyed it from morning till evening.

In addition, the people in the community, who are indebted to us, came to join us, and we were able to communicate a lot and come up with new ideas. I'm looking forward to it.

Originally, it was a land full of yabs, decayed huts, and lots of trash. With the suggestions and cooperation of the local people, we carried out a large-scale removal work, and the members of the association cleaned up many times and it was cleaned up to this point. And the pump truck was completed.

A public pump truck was completed on the land in the middle of the village. I think it will be very interesting.

This pump truck
・The purpose is to disseminate mountain bikes to the area, improve bicycle riding technology, and acquire the skills to drive safely in the mountains.
We hope to have a mountain bike experience session on a regular basis.

Through mountain biking, I think that local people and children will start to be interested in the mountains, the number of exchanged people and the number of residents will increase, and I think that this area will be interesting, so I am having fun and working with members every day. I will.

This time, thanks to the long-term and great cooperation of all the members of the community, members of the Hiraoka Yumeno Kai, and members of the main meeting.
Thank you very much.

(Thank you to Mr. Sunada, who removes the boat, Mr. Kunugi, who disposes of garbage, Mr. Ichikawa, who is in charge of preparing the announcement party, and Mr. Sato, the landlord.

Photo: Ichikawa