Soil Searching 2021
at Minami-Alps City


On November 22nd, we participated in an annual night ceremony of Homi-Jinja shrine at Takao colony in the middle of Mt.Kushigata. And we contributed to the organization of the ceremony as usual.

But it was not usual that...
We had guests from overseas, Matt Hunter, Fanie Kok and their shooting crews, and also staffs of Specialized.

Since we have been contributing to the ceremony in 7 years, in this year it was the heaviest rain during the ceremony. However Homi-Jinja got crowed with many people finally we did not have to worry of it.

We worked in teams, guiding cars for parking, counting people, holding our booth and so on even though we were very busy of preparation for the Asian first MTB event held in the next day.

We got tiered or helping the ceremony but we still had to concentrate on the 2 day event. Could we do that? Let's see how things were going on.