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Southern Alps Tatenuma Mountain Bike Park

・Open to the public
・Free (optional billing system)


・Unmanned management
・Various events such as Trail Day

Southern Alps Tatenuma Mountain Bike Park User Guide

・Please be careful not to cause any accidents or troubles in our park.

・Our company is not responsible for any accidents or troubles caused by user negligence.

・This park is private land. Those who do not follow the rules will be prohibited from entering.

・This park is only open to registered users.

・Please use after agreeing to the rules and completing user registration each time.

・Junior high school students and younger must be accompanied by a guardian, and minors must be registered by a guardian.

・In the event of an emergency, immediately contact an ambulance.

■ Prohibited items

・Use without registration

・Trail modification, tree felling, running that damages the trail

・Running in forests other than trails

・Driving on bad conditions such as rain

・Overtaking and tailgating

・Riding a motorized bicycle or motorcycle

・On-street parking (please use a nearby public parking lot)

・Riding under the influence of alcohol or poor physical condition

・Use of courses with sandals, zori, etc.

・Use of fire

・Gathering of animals and plants ・Riding in the wrong direction ・Illegal dumping of garbage

・In addition, causing damage to a third party,

Acts that destroy the surrounding environment

・EcopaIn Lake InagaPlease park on the lawnride

■ Precautions

・Accidents and troubles caused by user negligence

Our company does not take any responsibility.

・Please purchase insurance. Bicycle by ordinance

Insurance coverage is compulsory.

・It is recommended to attend our seminar.

・Beginners and children are given priority.

・Be sure to wear a helmet and gloves, and protect your elbows and knees.

Wearing a protector is recommended.

・Ride on a well-maintained mountain bike.

・Running bikes are available only on ① Hakuou course


・Please be careful not to spread on the road.

・Toilet: Ecopa Inagako or Takao Naebata toilet

Please use it.

・If you wish to use it for profit, please contact the administrator.

(Guided tours, shop tours, events, workshops, schools, etc.)  

■ Penalties for prohibited acts, etc.

If the user engages in an act that is judged to be dangerous during use,If you take expulsion measures and repeat particularly malicious acts, futureUsage may also be prohibited.

In the event that damage is caused intentionally or negligently to the facilities of the course, etc., compensation for damages may be claimed.

Locally, au and Softbank signal conditions are poor and registration is not possible, so please complete park use registration in advance.

​ Rental bikes (charged) are also available. Please apply in advance from the application page below.


​Tatenuma MTB Park Map

Tatenuma MTB map 23.jpg

Hakuho Trail

Distance 283 meters

Level 1 Beginner


Guiyang Trail

Distance 388 meters

Level 1 newminded person


Summer Angel Trail

distance 450 meters

Level 1 newminded person


Kyoho Trail

distance 274 meters

Level 2 Elementary


Shine Muscat Trail

Distance 168 meters

Level 2 Elementary


Sato Nishiki Trail

distance 850 meters

Level 2 Elementary


Anpo persimmon trail

Distance 319 meters

Level 2 Elementary


Benishuho trail

Distance 469 meters

Level 3 Intermediate


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・3 minutes by car from Ecopa Inagako
・It is 20 minutes by car from Chubu Odan Expressway Southern Alps IC
・It is 35 minutes by car from Chuo Expressway Kofu Minami IC

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Click below to view Google Map.

*Please use the nearby parking space for your car and do not park on the road that will interfere with the passage of other cars. Also, please park at your own risk.

*There is no toilet. Please use the restroom at the nearby Ecopa Inagako.

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