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Business content

Comprehensive mountain bike related business

・Design and construction of mountain bike trails (parks)

・Consulting business related to mountain bikes

・Policies for mountain biking, institutionalization promotion project

・Response for inspection: 1 day~ (For details, please inquire from the inquiry button)

・Management of trails and mountain trails

・Mountain bike popularization project (experience meeting, classroom, etc.)

・Mountain bike events and guided tours

・Other designated management, outsourcing

・Hunting related

・Management of a membership-based mountain bike organization

・Regional contribution activities (festivals, cleaning activities, community support, promotion of immigration and settlement, reclamation of abandoned farmland, etc.)

・Forest crime prevention patrol activities​

​・Sales business




Representative Director Ryo Yamama(Ryo Hazuma)

I like Japan's nature, history, culture and traditions, and people's activities, and I grew up with these things from a young age. After that, I continued various outdoor activities such as mountain climbing and snowboarding, and found mountain biking in it.


Mountain biking is a sport that runs on mountain trails (narrow roads). You can feel the mountains and nature, and you can challenge the limits of your physical strength. can do. And when you feel its greatness, you feel irresistible. In the past, not only people but also horses and cows came and went. Now I follow the rules and manners on that mountain road and ride my bicycle. I think this is the cutting edge outdoor sport that makes you feel Japan.

This mountain bike was made possible because of the mountains, nature, and our predecessors who used them to live. By being fully involved in it, I will realize a sustainable mountain bike environment, disseminate precedent examples throughout Japan, and contribute to regional revitalization. We are proud of our traditions to the world, and I hope that everyone in Japan will have a strong identity.

We will realize it through the business of this corporation.

In order to put a slight brake on the depopulation society by drastically reforming the mountainous areas of Japan, I hope that the activities of this corporation centered on mountain biking, which is the most advanced outdoor sport, will be a breakthrough. I am aiming.


We would like to thank all of you for your support and cooperation. Thank you very much.





Hiraoka, Minami Alps City, Yamanashi

Representative Director

Ryo Hazuma


June 2020

General Counsel

Dobashi Law and Patent Office Jun Dobashi

© 2020 General Incorporated Association Minami Alps Yamamorito

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