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Rental Bike Terms of Use

Rental Bike Terms of Use


■Please read and agree to the following items before applying.


【Common subject matter】

  1. Please check before using the rental cycle.

  2. Do not drive recklessly, drive under the influence of alcohol, or otherwise violate traffic rules.

  3. Do not modify or change the structure, equipment, etc. of the bicycle.

  4. Our association (our corporation) does not take any responsibility for accidents during the use of rental bicycles.

  5. Do not sublet rental bicycles.

  6. If the rental bicycle is stolen, full compensation is required.

  7. If the rental bicycle is damaged during use, the actual cost will be borne. We will estimate and invoice you.

  8. If you are a minor, you must obtain parental consent.

  9. It is purchased and maintained by the efforts of the members, so it should be treated with care.

  10. Always wear a helmet and gloves. We also strongly recommend wearing a protector.

  11. E-MTB has a lot of power, so be careful not to damage the gears by weakening the pedaling force when shifting.

  12. Use only in fields under our control.


[Notes for members]

  1. Comply with our membership rules.

  2. After use, check the rental bicycle for any abnormalities, large scratches, or damage.

  3. E-MTB must be charged after use.

  4.  ​If it gets dirty, clean it yourself.


■ Cancellation fee

Free of charge up to 2 days before use

100% for no contact from the day before use to the day of use

We will contact you regarding payment methods.

*Cancellations due to weather or trail conditions are free of charge.

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