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Ride a mountain bike on the "Mugi Sakamichi", an ancient road where people who lived in this area used to transport wheat!

Shosenkyo, one of Japan's most scenic spots.

Rocky peaks in the sky, autumn leaves, Senga Falls, Kanazakura Shrine.

Long ago, in this area where the approach to Kanazakura Shrine and roads for daily life were laid out,There was a mountain road called Mugisakamichi, which was used to transport wheat.


Load your MTB on the Shosenkyo Ropeway,

A new MTB field has been completed where you can trail ride from the mountaintop.

If you take the ropeway, it takes only 5 minutes to reach the mountaintop station.

The summit is a spectacular spot with a panoramic view of Mt. Fuji and the Southern Alps.


​Course map

​Course image

​How to enjoy


​All year

Since this is a private tour, we can create an original tour according to your requests. Please feel free to contact us.

Beginner ride tour

  • Skill training, pump truck driving experience, trail driving guide, transportation, ropeway ride

  • Even if it is your first time or you are not confident, we will respond carefully, so please feel free to join us.

  • ​The content may change depending on the skill. please note that.

Intermediate/advanced rider ride tour (half day)

  • For experienced and experienced personnel only

  • Half-day tour (you can choose morning only or afternoon only)

Beginner Beginner Ride Tour

  • Participation fee: 1 person 40,000 yen, 2 people 20,000 yen/person, 3 people 15,000 yen/person, 4 people 12,000 yen/person, 5 or more people 10,000 yen/person

Advanced ride tour (half day)

  • Participation fee: 1 person 28,000 yen, 2 people 15,000 yen/person, 3 people 12,000 yen/person, 4 people 10,000 yen/person, 5 or more people 8,000 yen/person


  • MTB rental fee: 8,000 yen/day (full suspension E-MTB, helmet, protector included)

    • Delivery will be made at Yamanashi MTB Base Auto Campsite. ​

Advance reservation required (apply at least 4 days in advance)

Please contact YAMANASHI MTB Yamamorito directly using the following methods.  


Online application:

Phone: 080-7842-1406


  • From 7 days to 2 days before the tour 30% of the tour fee 

  • The day before the tour: 50% of the tour fee 

  • On the day of the tour: 100% of the tour fee 

Beginner Beginner Ride Tour

Yamanashi MTB base auto campsite

  • 996-1 Shimozone-cho, Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture 

  • 0 minutes from Chuo Expressway Kofu Minami IC 

  • ​The standard meeting time is 9:30, but we will adjust it accordingly.

Advanced ride tour

Shosenkyo Ropeway Sengataki Station Parking Lot

  • 441 Ikaricho, Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture

  • ​The standard meeting time is 9:30, but we will adjust it accordingly.

  • Please note that the itinerary may be changed or canceled depending on weather, trail conditions, and other circumstances.

  • An advanced rider is one who has at least three years of mountain biking experience, can ride a pump track without pedaling, and can ride switchbacks on a steep slope without touching his feet. Even if you apply for the advanced ride tour, please note that if you do not meet the above skills, you will be touring on a forest road instead of on the Mugisaka Trail.

Driving precautions

  • This trail is also used by pedestrians. Pedestrians always have priority.  

  • Follow the signs on the trail and drive at a speed that allows you to stop at any time. Drive slowly, especially around blind corners.  

  • If you wish to pass a pedestrian, please get off your MTB and cooperate with us.

  • Be sure to wear a helmet, gloves and protectors. (Available for loan) 

  • We are not responsible for any accidents or troubles.  

  • Riding off-trail or in a way that damages the trail.  

  • Driving while under the influence of alcohol or in poor physical condition.  

  • Riding the wrong way, using fire, collecting animals and plants, illegally dumping garbage, and other acts that cause damage to third parties or destroy trails or the environment.  

  • Those who do not follow the guide's instructions and rules will be prohibited from riding.  

  • Shosenkyo Tourism Association 055-287-2111 

  • YAMANASHI MTB Yamamorito 080-7842-1406

​Environmental maintenance and management cooperation funds

The usage fee includes a 1,000 yen donation, which will be used for course maintenance and new course development. Let's all run a lot and aim to complete a new course.

Shosenkyo Tourism Association Link

​Contact us

 Managed by: YAMANASHI MTB Yamamorito 
Phone: 080-7842-1406 

Address: 996-1 Shimozone-cho, Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture (within Yamanashi MTB Base Auto Campsite) 
Business hours: 9:00-18:00

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