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The Minami-Alps Mountain Bike Club is a volunteer membership organization made up of many people who love mountain biking.

Here are the activities of the Minami-Alps Mountain Bike Club!

We are looking for people who want to work together with us.

What is Minami-Alps Mountain Bike Club?

 We are a volunteer membership organization made up of many friends who love mountain biking. We have a wide range of members, from beginners to experts, who enjoy mountain biking on a regular basis. The total length of the mountain biking trail network is over 15 km and the elevation difference is 1,000 m. There is also a large mountain bike park for families and a pump track. However, the mountains of Japan have a very long history and many different systems, so we are still carefully creating an environment for mountain biking. With the help of our friends, we have developed a wide range of activities such as assisting with local events, crime prevention patrols, supporting local communities, animal damage prevention, mountain trail maintenance, cultivating abandoned land, making wine, utilizing local stores, etc. We are expanding our riding environment in a fun way with the understanding of the local community. If you join us, you will surely meet many good friends who will enrich your life.


Three important things to remember

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1.The mountains and mountain paths of the past

2.Regional revitalization

3.Protect the natural environment

 In the days without fossil fuels, people went to the mountains to collect firewood for cooking, to collect fallen leaves and grasses to make compost for growing crops, to cut down trees for forestry and drag them down, to trade, to commute to and from work, to take hot springs, to marry off, and the mountains were an inseparable part of people's lives. And it was mountain paths that connected people to the mountains and people to each other. In recent years, as people's lives have become more convenient, mountain paths have fallen into disuse and have rapidly fallen into disrepair, many of them returning to the mountains. We would like to find and revive these mountain paths and bring people back together again.

Each mountainous region has its own history, culture, and customs. Each area has its own unique characteristics, which are still carefully handed down to the next generation. However, with the rapid depopulation, it is becoming difficult to maintain the various functions of the communities. We help out with various community events such as festivals and cleanups, as well as crime prevention patrols, greeting campaigns, support for the local community, and many other activities. In addition, several of our members have moved to the area and joined the local community association, so we are participating in the development of the new community in a comprehensive manner.

  We love nature. We enjoy mountain biking with minimal impact and respect for nature. We keep the maintenance of mountain trails to a minimum and use them sustainably. By following the rules and having fun riding mountain bikes on mountain trails, we learn to love the mountains and nature, and increase the momentum for nature conservation. Also, by riding mountain bikes in the mountains from childhood, we can pass on the importance of nature conservation. We believe that the first step in realizing nature conservation is to experience the beauty of nature.


Revitalizing Japan through Mountain Biking

Vision Map

We will use mountain biking as an opportunity to reconnect people with each other, to make new use of mountain forests, and to revitalize communities in mountainous areas.

What we are doing is taking care of Japan's mountains, nature, and communities


Philosophy & Members


History of Activities




History of Activities


Minami-Alps UNESCO Eco Park


How to Join

We're looking for people to join the Minami-Alps Mountain Bike Club!

 We are looking for people who would like to join us as a member of the Minami-Alps Mountain Bike Club.

Trail building & Regional Activation
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