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We are the business of "Minami-Alps Mountain Bike Lovers Association" and "General Incorporated Association Minami-Alps Mountain Morito".

We are working to achieve the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals).

We would like to inform that we have founded a general incorporated association "Minami-Alps Yamamoribito" .
The association is based on our club and some business will be owned by the association that is more suitable than doing by the club. Also by founding the association we will have mush social responsibility to own more business. Yet the club will continue doing activities as usual. We have been thinking it is necessary to found the association to own business from government or to earn donation.

The opportunities of the association is to improve the social position of mountainbiking, bicycling and outdoor activities. And to enhance the environment that allows us riding on mountainbike by promoting for wholesome growth of mountainbiking and also by activating local communities.

The following planned business this association will be done by cooperating with local community and the government.
(1) Supporting and joining local events and activities
(2) Research and promotion of local histories, local cultures, local nature and sustainable trail building
(3) Patrolling and maintaining forests and trails by mountainbike
(4) Consulting of mountainbiking and business related to trail building
(5) Promotion of mountainbiking
(6) Tours, travel agency, events, seminars and training courses
(7) Management of trails or mountain paths, parks and camp fields
(8) Import business of equipment related to the association
(9) Food business
(10) Brewing and selling alcohol beverages
(11) Other business related to business above
(12) All business necessary to achieve our goals

We would like thank all people who have been supporting us for a long time.
We will continue do our best to make a better place for Japanese mountainbiking , society and community, Yamanashi-prefecture and Minami-Alps city. We mountainbikers are guardians of the mountains "Yamamoribito".

Forestry Agency "Forest and Forestry White Paper"
Examples of SDGs utilizing forest space
Forestry white paper.png
Forestry White Paper 1.png
National Land Afforestation Promotion Organization "Forest x Corporate SDGs Handbook"
As a new business utilizing forest space
National Land Afforestation Promotion Organization.png
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Registered as a “Yamanashi SDGs Promotion Company”
The concept of SDGs is centered on the basic philosophy of the Yamanashi Prefecture Comprehensive Plan, which is ``Yamanashi where each prefectural citizen can feel affluence'', so Yamanashi Prefecture has linked the 17 goals and policy system to ``No one We aim to create a "sustainable Yamanashi" where no one is left behind.
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