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​How to join

How to Join

入  会  案  内


​Flow until trail-free running (enrollment procedure method)

① Apply by selecting the date of the enrollment briefing session from the following Google calendar using the enrollment application form below.

(2) Participate in an on- site enrollment briefing or member activity day. (Entry fee 2,000 yen)

It can be held from one person.

If you participate in the enrollment briefing session, you will be guided about the area and experience small member activities while traveling on the trail after about 1 hour of desk training.

If you participate in the enrollment briefing together with the member activities, you must actually act with the member. Of course, it is a combination of work and ride. A content confirmation test will be conducted on the materials distributed in advance.

* If you enroll, the participation fee of 2,000 yen will be applied as the admission fee of 2,000 yen.

*Beginners may not be able to accompany members, so we may offer a beginner's training in a separate squad.

③ The annual membership fee of 6,000 yen (monthly discount for the first year) and the admission fee of 2,000 yen *1 will be delivered . Insurance coverage for MTB and forest work, submission of other application documents.

In the case of - - - For example, June enrollment for the first year monthly installments, will be 3,000 yen becomes the annual fee for the first year from July to December min.

※ 1. If you have been delivered a participation fee of 2,000 yen at the time of the admission fee, ... Join briefing will not be required for payment.

④ Arriving party wristbands, party stickers, emergency capsules and more!

⑤Send the mountain climbing notification form (send easily from the homepage)

⑥ Free trail running! (Of course, strictly following the rules of the party) & can participate in membership activities!

Shimoyama completion notification form sent (send easy from the home page )

​Member activity schedule & enrollment briefing date
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