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trail consulting

Trail Consulting

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Using a tool called a mountain bike
Contribute to regional revitalization
Comprehensive Mountain Bike Consulting
We will provide


​Mountain bike field making

We will help build a mountain bike field environment that leads to the revitalization of the entire region.
Please feel free to contact us as we will respond to the feasibility survey of mountains and mountain roads, restoration of old roads, surveying of new trails and parks, design, construction, project supervision, management consulting, and maintenance.

  • Fujiyoshida City Sotanigamura Onshi Prefectural Property Protection Association “Onshirin Bike Park” MTB park research, design, design and planning consulting services

  • Yamanashi MTB Yamamorito “Minami Alps Tatenuma MTB Park” research, design, construction, and operation services

  • Kofu City Shosenkyo Ropeway “Shosenkyo MTB Park” research, design, construction, and operation services

  • Kofu City “Yamanashi MTB Base Auto Campsite and Pump Track Skill Up Area” design and operation work

  • ​ Hokkaido Kamikawa Town "Forest Utilization MTB Field Creation" Survey/Design/Construction/Operation Consulting Service

  • Yamanashi Prefectural Forest Park “Kanagawa Forest MTB Course” renovation work

  • Design and construction supervision of Yamanashi Prefectural Takeda no Mori “MTB Park”

trail build event

We hold year-round mountain trail maintenance events that anyone can enjoy, from monthly events for members to global-level events.



We accept inspections from the government, and provide opportunities for corporate employee training and mountain biking experience.
We provide various consultations during inspections and training, from issues in mountainous areas, utilization of forest spaces, and how to create a mountain bike field.


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