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  1. This association is called the Southern Alps Mountain Bike Lovers Association. (Abbreviated name: Minami Alps MTB Lovers Association)



  1. The office and location of the main meeting is located at 1482 Hiraoka, Minami Alps, Yamanashi Prefecture.



Article 3 In order to establish the social status of mountain biking, the Society conducts mountain biking activities in Yamanashi Prefecture, mainly in the Southern Alps area, based on the following principles.

  1. Mutual understanding with the local community

  2. Revitalization of local cultural and economic activities

  3. Conservation and sustainable utilization of local resources

2. The Society aims to realize the principles below.

  1. Increase in visitors and population in Yamanashi Prefecture, mainly in the Southern Alps area

  2. Improving the environment and improving awareness of forests where management is insufficient

  3. Building a close relationship between the society and the community

  4. Cultivating responsible mountain bikers



Article 4 The Society shall carry out the following projects in order to achieve the purpose of the preceding article.

  1. Participation and support for local events and activities

  2. Research and dissemination of local history, culture, nature and sustainable trail making

  3. Mountain forest patrol and environmental maintenance

  4. Public awareness about mountain biking



Article 5 Members of the Society shall agree with the purpose of the Society, be admitted to the Society, and comply with the rules of the Society and the rules of the Attachment. Regular members have the voting right at the general meeting and can take office. Non-regular members do not have voting rights at the general meeting and cannot take office.



Article 6 A person who wants to join the society shall participate in the membership briefing session or the member activity, and obtain the approval of the representative through the prescribed membership procedure.


(Membership fee)

Article 7 Members must pay the membership fees specified below to the Society.


Full member (with voting right of general meeting, can assume office)

(1) Individual membership annual fee 6,000 yen (first year monthly discount + 2,000 yen)

(2) Group membership (MTB related shops, etc.) Annual membership fee 50,000 yen

(3) Group membership (MTB-related manufacturers, agents, etc.) Annual membership fee consultation (decided by the board of directors)


Non-regular member (No general voting right, no appointment as officer)

(4) Annual fee for ride members 12,000 yen (first year monthly discount + 2,000 yen)

(5) Group supporting members Annual membership fee 5,000 yen~

(6) Individual supporting members Annual membership fee 3,000 yen or more

(7) Free membership fee for restaurant members


For details, refer to the attached sheet rules.



Article 8 Members may express their intention to withdraw and may withdraw from membership at will.

2. If a member falls under any of the following items, it shall be disqualified from the membership.

  1. If the membership fee is not paid within 2 months from the date of payment

  2. When the number of participation in the prescribed member activity is not reached

  3. If it is found that you have lent your membership card to someone other than a member

3 The paid membership fee will not be refunded.



Article 9 If a member falls under any of the following items, it may be expelled by a resolution of the general meeting.

it can.

(1) When the act of defeating the honor of the Society or defeating the purpose.

(2) When the rules or other instructions stipulated by the Society are not followed and the operation is significantly hindered.

(2) If a member is to be removed pursuant to the provisions of the preceding paragraph, the member must be given an opportunity to justify before the vote.



Article 10 The following officers will be appointed to the Society.

(1) 1 representative

(2) Deputy representative 1 or more

(3) Accounting 1 person or more

(4) Accounting audit 1 person

2. The officers stipulated in paragraph 1 shall be elected by mutual election of members.

3. The term of office of officers is one year. However, it does not prevent reappointment.

4. The accounting audit cannot serve concurrently as another officer.

5. The term of office of officers elected by substitute shall be the term of office of their predecessor.



Article 11 The representative shall represent the Society and control its business.

(2) The Deputy Representative will assist the Representative and, if there is an accident in the Representative, take over the duties.

3 Accounting is the accounting of the association.

4. The accounting audit audits the accounting of the association and the status of assets.


(General meeting)

Article 12 The general meeting of the Society shall consist of members and shall be held once a year.

The General Assembly will vote on the following matters.

(1) Changes in constitution and business

(2) dissolution

(3) Business report and income and expenditure report, business plan and income and expenditure budget

(4) Appointment or dismissal of officers

(5) Other important matters regarding the management of the association

2 Vote with the majority of the members who attended the general meeting.



Article 13 Minutes of proceedings of the general meeting shall be prepared.



Article 14 The board of directors shall consist of representatives, deputy representatives, accounting, and other persons designated by the officers.

(2) The board of directors discusses and decides on matters that have been resolved at the general meeting and other business operations that do not require a resolution at the general meeting.


(Business report and settlement of accounts)

Article 15 The representative shall prepare a business report and accounting report by the general meeting of the year following the business, undergo auditing, and obtain approval from the general meeting.


(Business year)

Article 16 The business year of the Society begins on January 1st of each year and ends on December 31st of the following year.


(Date of establishment)

Article 17 The establishment date of the Society shall be January 1, 2016.


Supplementary Provision

1 These bylaws come into effect on January 1, 2016.

2. This revised version will come into effect as from January 1, 2019.

3 From January 1, 2013, this revised version will come into effect.

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