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What is UNESCO Eco Park?

The UNESCO Eco Park was started by UNESCO for the purpose of harmonizing ecological conservation and sustainable utilization (coexistence of nature and human society). It is being carried out as a part of the UNESCO Man and the Biosphere (MAB) program implemented in the UNESCO Natural Sciences sector. This is an initiative aimed at preserving the region's rich ecosystem and biodiversity, learning from nature, and achieving sustainable development both culturally, economically, and socially. The UNESCO Eco Park is a common name given in Japan for familiarity, and is called "BR: Biosphere Reserves" overseas. The total number of registered UNESCO eco-parks in the world is 631 areas in 119 countries, 7 areas are registered in Japan, including the Tadami area in Fukushima Prefecture, which was officially approved in June 2014, and the Southern Alps UNESCO eco-park (as of June 2014). ).

Features of Southern Alps UNESCO Eco Park

The 26th MAB International Coordinating Council held in Sweden on June 12, 2014 officially approved the Southern Alps UNESCO Eco Park.

The Southern Alps has a natural environment that represents Japan, where many endemic species inhabit and grow in a steep mountain environment with 3,000m peaks. Each basin of the Fuji River system, Oi River system, and Tenryu River system has its own culture since ancient times, and has inherited traditional customs, food culture, and folk performing arts.

Traditionally, the areas of 10 prefectures, towns and villages in 3 prefectures, where interaction has been hindered by the mountains of the Southern Alps, are united as a Southern Alps UNESCO Eco Park based on the idea of "diversity of living creatures and culture in high mountains and deep valleys." By positioning the natural environment and culture of the Southern Alps as a shared property, and jointly working on the permanent conservation and sustainable utilization of the excellent natural environment, we will expand exchanges between regions and utilize the benefits of nature. We aim to create a certain community.

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