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About mountain bike tour

MTB Tour

Mountain bike experience tour


We accept mountain bike experience tours, inspections, etc. for a fee.
Rental bikes and helmets are also available.
For more information, please feel free to contact us using the form below.

In participating in the tour

The trails that run on the tour include landowners, managers, governments, forestry workers, hunters, etc.

We are running with the support of the local community.

We have built it up to now with a volunteer organization called "Minami Alps Mountain Bike Lovers Association".

I hope you will take good care of the trail network. Please observe the following rules when driving. 

At the time of applying for the tour, we will consider that you have agreed to strictly adhere to the following.

[Tour fee]

2 people (12,000 yen / person) 3 people (10,000 yen / person) 4 or more people (8,000 yen / person)

* Rental fee and meal fee are not included.

* Guide fee and trail maintenance fee are included.  

[Basic schedule]

9:00 Meeting

9:15 Basic practice & pump truck experience

11:30 lunch

12:30 Forest trail ride experience

15:00 Downhill → Dissolution * Breakfast set tour at the delicious local bakery "Bakery Louvre" is also available.

* We will customize the content according to your wishes, so after applying

We will communicate with you and decide.  

[Driving rules]

・ Please do not drive other than the tour. We are aiming for a public trail in the future, but it is not easy to allow it in the current Japanese society. If you would like to drive repeatedly on your own, please join the "Minami-Alps Mountain Bike Lovers Association".

・ Basically, please do not slide the tires or lock the rear wheels. If you slide the tires, rainwater will flow there, leading to soil erosion.

-A trail designed to be enjoyed at about half the speed of full throttle. If you speed up too much, you will be seriously damaged if you fall. The guide will control the speed at the beginning to reduce the risk of accidents.

-Do not destroy or modify the trail. There are some sections where the shoulders are soft, so be careful not to step on it.

・ There is an owner in the forest. Please do not collect forest products or damage trees.

・ Please do not publish GPS information (including location information of mobile phones and cameras) on the web. This is to control the entry of mountains other than those involved.

・ Please say hello to those who met in the mountains.

Those who do not understand or follow the above points will be asked to leave the tour on the spot even during the tour.  


[About the weather]

It's an outdoor sport and it's a play with a field, so it depends on the weather. If it rains or the trail is wet, we will keep an eye on the tour for trail maintenance and safety. This is for the sustainable use of the trail.

・ Basically, we will contact you by 20:00 the day before only in case of cancellation.

・ Even if the weather forecast is off, if there is damage to the trail, it will be canceled. In that case, we will not be able to answer any invoices for transportation expenses. * There is no cancellation fee for cancellation due to weather.

【cancellation policy】

The cancellation fee when you apply is as follows.

5 to 2 days before the tour starts: 50% of the tour price (excluding tax)

The day before the tour starts to the day: 100% of the tour price (excluding tax)

* Please transfer to our corporate account.  

【Health management】

・ Please be in good physical condition on the day of the event.

・ Please do not participate if you are tired due to lack of sleep.

・ Please be sure to let us know in advance if you feel unwell or injured.

・ If you have any illness or allergies, please be sure to let us know in advance.

・ You cannot participate in the tour with alcohol or drinking alcohol.  



Mountain biking is a dangerous sport against nature. Please understand that there is always some kind of accident risk, and act with the utmost care.

・ Please take all actions at your own risk when participating in the tour.

・ Although all safety measures are taken during the guided tour, please join the tour after joining the injury insurance in case of an accident.

( We recommend Montbell's short-term insurance.)

・ In the unlikely event that an accident occurs, we will provide emergency response, but please note that we will not be able to respond further.


Mandatory: Helmet (paid rental available), gloves, clothes that are easy to move and have less exposed skin in case of a fall, exercise shoes, drinking water about 0.5 to 10, towels, backpack, action food. If: Sunglasses (bright lenses), first aid kits, bike repair kits, emergency food, rain gear, warm clothing  


・ Be sure to wear a helmet while riding.

・ In the unlikely event that an injured person appears during the tour, the tour will be canceled on the spot and the safety of the injured person will be given top priority.

・ In principle, the price will not be refunded if the tour is canceled due to some trouble after the start of the tour or due to bad weather. 

・ Please bring your health insurance card or a copy of it in case you use a medical institution in case of injury.

・ Photos taken by staff during the tour may be published online or posted on other media. If you do not want to post your face photo, please let us know in advance. 

・ Please be sure to take your trash home with you.

・ The tour also includes the role of forest patrol. If problems are found on roads, forests, trails, etc. during the tour, we may prioritize the response.

[About rental]

E-mountain bike (with electric assist): ¥ 9,000 / day per unit

Pedal bike (normal mountain bike): 5,000 yen / day per bike

Kids bike: 3,000 yen / day per bike

Helmet: 1,000 yen / day

・ Please use it carefully as it will be a very expensive rental of equipment.

・ At the time of the first rental, we will check the equipment together with the guide staff on the day.

・ If the product is damaged during use due to a cause other than deterioration over time (eg, it may fall over or be treated carelessly), we will ask you to pay a considerable amount of compensation. In some cases it can be very expensive.

・ Credit card (local payment for now)
・ Pay Pay (local payment)
Can be selected.


that's all.


★If you use the Mobility Market privilege, a delicious breakfast from a local bakery is included free of charge★
Mobima special tour image:
9:00 Meet & Breakfast
10:00 Basic practice & pump track experience
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Forest trail driving experience
15:30 Descending & dissolution

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