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~Mountain roads connect people, connect time and space~

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What is the Southern Alps Mountain Bike Club?

A volunteer membership organization made up of many people who love mountain biking. From beginner to advanced, I enjoy mountain biking on a daily basis. The mountain bike field already has a total length of over 15km and an elevation difference of 1,000m, as well as a large family-friendly mountain bike park and pump track.
However, the mountains of Japan have a long history and various mechanisms, so we still carefully create an environment for mountain biking. Collaborate with colleagues to develop a wide range of activities, including assistance with local events, crime prevention patrols, support for local communities, animal damage control, maintenance of mountain roads, reclamation of abandoned farmland, wine making, and utilization of local shops. , we are expanding the driving environment in a fun way with the understanding of everyone in the local community.
If you join, you will surely meet a lot of good friends and enrich your life.

ホーム: 南アルプスMTBについて

3 things I cherish

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1. Former mountains and trails

In the days when there were no fossil fuels, people would go to the mountains to gather firewood for cooking, to gather fallen leaves and grass to make compost for growing crops, and to cut and drag down trees in forestry and trade. , commuting to work or school, hot springs, weddings, people's lives and the mountains were inseparable. Mountain trails connected people to mountains and people to people. In recent years, as life has become more convenient, the mountain roads have fallen into disuse and rapidly fell into disrepair, and many of them have returned to the mountains. We would like to find and revive those mountain roads and restore the connection between people.


2. Regional activation

Mountainous areas have history, culture, and customs. Each region has its own characteristics and is still treasured. However, due to the rapid depopulation, it is becoming difficult to maintain various functions of the village. We help with various local events such as festivals and cleanup activities, and we are doing various activities such as crime prevention patrols, greeting campaigns, and support for the local community. In addition, several members have moved to join the residents' association, and we are comprehensively participating in the creation of a new community.


3. protect the natural environment

we love nature I enjoy mountain biking with minimal impact and taking care of nature. The maintenance of the mountain road is kept to a minimum and it is used sustainably. By following the rules of membership and having fun riding mountain bikes on mountain trails, we develop a love for mountains and nature, and raise the momentum for nature conservation. Also, by riding mountain bikes in the mountains since childhood, we can convey the importance of nature conservation. I believe that the first step in realizing nature conservation is to experience the splendor of nature.

Energize Japan with mountain biking

Vision Map

We will use mountain biking as an opportunity to restore the connection between people and realize new utilization of forests and regional revitalization of mountainous areas.


What we are doing to cherish Japan's mountains, nature, and regions




Activity history



rule of law


Activity history


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SDGs related


Southern Alps



Make the Southern Alps a sanctuary for MTB

Total length over 200km, maximum elevation difference 1,600m

The Southern Alps, which is rare in the world and has a series of high-altitude mountains with a certain sense, has long ridges and is very suitable for MTB trails.

Why don't you participate in the sustainable trail build that is being carried out in collaboration with the government and landowners in Yamanashi Prefecture and Minami-Alps City?

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Trail building & Regional Activation
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